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  • mind, and ultimately discover c o m m o n ground amidst diversity should be top priorities. Michigan State University Extension has personnel and information available to help with all of these issues. All that is needed is for someone or some group
  • Badgero Excelsior C h u r c h of Christ 5ior Pure Religion Feb. 2 3 at Kalkaska High School Library on North Birch Street. If you w o l d like to add a n i t e m of interest to the a g e n d a call Carleen Hubbell at Kalkaska Public Schools 2 5 8 - 9 1 0
  • oil tanks to Little League Mon. - Thurs. 9 am - 6 pm Fri. 9 am - 8 pm commercial fueling centers Association Meeting Feb. 28 at 7 p m Kalkaska High School Library • 24-hour emergency response for all environmental clean-ups Call (616) 258-9134
  • sympathy for her friend and said anyone with a 100 or more pairs of earrings kept on their original cards should be fined. There were two cans for donations Veterans memorial designed ~ R O T C scholarship through the Air Force at Michigan State