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  • System, and your own Eyes of state are on Kalkaska to k e e p these y o u n g s t e r s corralled T H O U G H I' V E C O N S I D E R E D GOOD MORNING AMERICA (ABC) broadcast live from Kalkaska High School library Monday morning. Principal Jerry Judge
  • 180 sixth-graders f r o m Kalkaska 1999 homecoming king and queen. Extension 4 - H youth agent, organized the stu- emy participated in the tour sponsored by the the class floats and the crowning o f the Jim Harper, the Michigan State University
  • Michigan State University and is currently working on an educational specialist degree in educational administration at Central Michigan University. The educator has been coordinator of general education, supervisor of rural schools, and gifted and talented
  • and display, reports Farm Bureau. It's called the Spartan Beauty, and it's the result of nearly 10 years of research by the Michigan State University Agricultural Experiment Station. The Leader and Kalkaskian 318 N. Cedar Street, Kalkaska, Ml 49646 (616) 258